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The saddlery

We stand for quality made in Germany!

Our in-house saddlery ensures the highest quality finish for leather. The choice of material is as decisive as the way it is used.

We exclusively use materials direct from the manufacturer. This is the only way to guarantee the seamless integration even of individual parts in an existing interior concept. Whether it’s Alcantra, suede, fine nappa or artificial leather. Whether the stitching is red, black, white or yellow. It can be done. We offer you the opportunity to make your vision a reality — all of it.

We have all the original yarns and colours!

We get our yarn direct from the manufacturers. This means that we can offer every yarn colour that is available in the vehicle interior ex-factory. If you change something later, the new item will fit perfectly with the existing interior design concept.

Original leather, direct from the manufacturer!

Whether it’s Alcantara, leather, perforated leather or cloth. It doesn’t matter if it’s black, green or blue. We get our leather direct from the manufacturer and we guarantee perfect quality in terms of texture, shape and colour. There are many different forms of perforation, too.

Experience a car as individual as you are!









Stitching with squares, honeycomb or diamonds — your design is our command.

What design would you like? Adopt a design from one of the major manufacturers, or come up with something fully unique based on your own imagination. Squares, honeycomb, diamonds… our production has the precision of CNC control.


We can embroider your logo!

Do you want your logo in the headrest, the door lining or the floor mat? Not a problem! We will produce a CNC-milled plate for your logo and apply it to whatever surface you want.

Diamond stitching

For an example, look at these Tesla P90D seats with their noble diamond design. The stitching for all designs is computer-controlled to guarantee precision. This pattern is available for all models

Square stitching

The example shows Audi R8 with sporty square stitching. This stitching pattern is, of course, available for all models and marques.

Honeycomb stitching

The example shows Audi RS3 with typical square stitching. This stitching pattern is, of course, available for all models and marques.

We have the right pattern for every seat.

The example shows Audi RS3 with typical square stitching. This stitching pattern is, of course, available for all models and marques.


The combination of leather and carbon has an effect once noble and sporty. With the right pattern, the concept is complete.

A personalised steering wheel puts your creativity in control.

The steering wheel is the one component in your car that you take in your hands every day. So it is important that it feels good to the touch. We can enable you to design a steering wheel that suits your taste. Let your creativity run free with your own select combination from our many premium materials.

Before BMW steering wheel
Afterwards BMW steering wheel
  • Sporty and dynamic! A coloured marker can indicate the ‘straight ahead’ position of your wheel.
  • With a precise finish to seams and beading the transition will be perfect even if there is a change in material.
  • Carbon extensions for gearshift paddles combine precise shifting with sporty design.
  • Would you like a thicker grip on your steering wheel? We’ll gladly pad it for you.
  • Gripping points on the sides can be upholstered in Alcantara for a sporty look.
  • Perforated leather is always a good choice to maintain the original look.
  • Carbon coating on the lower part of the wheel lends a touch of motor racing
  • Choose from a broad selection of stitching colours.

Discover individuality: carbon, leather or a combination. Keep your hands on the wheel! From a sporty look with a coloured “zero point” to a calm, elegant design with perfectly matched leather, we have the perfect combination for every driver.


The attention to detail creates an interior that meets your needs.


through quality

All of our leathers fulfil the specific applicable quality standards and have been inspected and approved in terms of their suitability.